Post mortem memento vivere

"Post mortem memento vivere" is the third studio album by Nothence, released on September 1, 2016

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Instrumental tracks

6 of the 11 tracks are instrumental

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Watch the "Nihil durare potest tempore perpetuo" music video


The lyrics explore intimate dimensions

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Watch the "Remember to live" music video


  • Nothence, Post mortem memento vivere
  • Written and produced by Fabio Scagliola
  • Fabio Scagliola - Guitars, bass, vocals, piano, organ, and drums
  • Recorded and mixed by Fabio Scagliola in Lugano, Switzerland, January-July 2016
  • Additional production and engineering by Alberto Rapetti
  • Album art, photos, and design by Fabio Scagliola